A few weeks ago 'True Blood' doled out the first bit of new footage from the seventh and final season among its other spring offerings, but now the time has come for a much juicier meal. See Sookie and our other Bon Temps favorites take on legions of sick vampires, one another, and even FEMA in the first full trailer for the final season of 'True Blood' this summer!

Given that season 6 finale "Radioactive" left things on a clear cliffhanger, it isn't surprising to see the latest 'True Blood' season 7 trailer picking up with a peek at the resulting carnage from the Hep-V vampires descending on the church function. More interesting is that the humans of Bon Temps appear to turn on one another in the aftermath of the attack, while Sookie expresses disbelief that the government has apparently abandoned any hope of support for the town, which has since become a boarded-up shell of its former self.

Elsewhere, we know of ‘True Blood’ season 7 that Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) will indeed return, despite a seemingly fiery end teased in the season 6 finale. Anna Camp’s Sarah Newlin will return, joining ’90210′ alum Riley Smith and Nathan Parson, replacing Luke Grimes. Storytelling will shrink to see more direct human-vampire relationships in light of the Hepatitis V threat, while more details and series regular ascensions have been outlined in our guide to ‘True Blood”s final season.

Well, what do we think? Will vampires or humans turn out to be the bigger threat of 'True Blood's seventh and final season? Stay tuned for more as we approach the June 22 premiere, and tell us in the comments what you want to see from 'True Blood' season 7!

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