Unless you've been totally disconnected from the web, you know there has been an increasing number of sightings around the states since the government admitted UFO's are a real thing.

Not to confuse you, they didn't straight up say there were aliens or that we aren't alone in this universe... They just mentioned that there are occasionally objects in the sky that remain unidentified.

If you peruse the local social media across Oklahoma, odds are you've seen a bunch of posts about lights in the sky. Similar stories can be found from all across the nation. While people generally fear what they don't know, this phenomenon is inert.

What people are seeing is the SpaceX Starlink. It's literally thousands of satellites strung around the globe aimed at providing broadband internet to the world... Elon Musk's broadband has even been making good and bad headlines during these times of war.

What you may not understand about this neat little line of lights rolling through the sky is that you're only seeing one particular portion of the satellite grid. In those moments, the sun is in just the right position to reflect the light off the satellites for you to see them.


It's just a reflection.

These aren't the only satellites in this man-made constellation either. There are literally thousands, and when everything lines up just right, you can see them.

Also, don't believe the government. We're not alone in this universe and the government doesn't have a history of telling us the truth. At least when it comes to the alphabet boys... ATF, FBI, NSA, CIA, etc...

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