Don't plan on scrolling through videos at OU next semester.

More and more government agencies are banning TikTok on devices. Just a few weeks ago here in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott banned TikTok on any government devices. This is most likely due to a statement that came down from FBI Director Chris Wray, who said. "The Chinese government could use the app’s recommendation algorithm to manipulate content or users."

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So, if the state of Texas has given you a laptop, phone, or tablet to work for the government. No TikTok for you. I would be curious to know how many people with these devices were using TikTok because I imagine it would be a small percentage. Now college students, that's a different story. I would say the vast majority of current college students use TikTok more than any other social media.

Well, if you plan on attending the University of Oklahoma. You can not use TikTok while on school grounds.

How Will OU Ban TikTok?

Any university-owned or operated devices will have TikTok banned on them. So if you use a school issued laptop, tablet, or computer. It will be unable to access TikTok. Here is the BIG one when it comes to this ban. You will not be able to access TikTok on the school's wifi.

So if you have your own phone, you will have to use your own network while attending OU if you want to use TikTok. Better hope you have unlimited data if you're living in the dorms next semester.

We will see if more universities follow in the footsteps of the Sooners in the next few months.

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