First, watch the original police dash cam video above...

So a few months ago, a young man was arrested in his Mayberry of a town in Florida for having "obscene writing on his vehicle." Yes, it's not something a mature individual would tack on their car, but nonetheless, there it is. He gets pulled over for it and told to remove it by a Barney Fife type police officer. Florida Ass-Man refuses, cop places him under arrest... but that's not the end of the story.

The internet went wild when this video was released to the public at the beginning of Summer. As you know, when anything happens in real life, everyone is suddenly an expert in that niche field online the next day as they argue back and forth, etc... People argued that F.A.M. was in the right due to his constitutional right of free speech, others argued the cop was in the right because F.A.M. did not comply with his orders... So who was wrong? Technically, both.

The short story is, all charges were dropped, and the family was reimbursed for all costs incurred by this unlawful arrest. Why? Because this deputy violated his first amendment right to free speech.

So if you were so inclined to be "That Guy," the law is on your side.

Here's the full update.

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