Have you ever heard of a gravity hill? It's a weird phenomenon where instead of pulling you down, gravity in a specific area actually pushes you away. When the terrain and roadway line up perfect, the legend says the gravity will actually pull your car up a hill. Of course, it's totally an urban legend, and the scientific explanation behind it is not so shocking, but Oklahoma has two of these designated and "mysterious" described gravity hill roads in the state, one not too far from us here in Lawton.

Considered one of Oklahoma's greatest mysteries, there's a section of Pioneer Road outside of Springer named Magnetic Hill. An area of wild gravitational shenanigans where if you stop the car, pop it in neutral and let go of the brake, the upside down gravity will actually pull your car up the hill. It's crazy. People describe it as the Bermuda Triangle of Oklahoma. Some people even swear it's enough to endanger those who fly over it with an unsubstantiated number of claims of crashes and deaths.

Even more strange, some people say that stretch of road is just simply haunted... and the reason your vehicle moves uphill on its own is due to the ghosts. Did I mention that already? There are rumors of ghosts in the area... not only of the plane crashes there are no records of, but also the souls of those who died long ago, and they're just trying to push your car away from the spot where they died. It's really a wild tale, but it's not the simple explanation.

The scientific term for a place like this is a gravity hill. A place where the gravity seemingly pulls your vehicle or any other rolling object up a hill, but that's not what is happening. To put it mildly, it's an optical illusion. While the landscape may look uphill, it's actually the opposite. The reason vehicles roll is, things naturally roll downhill due to gravity. Oklahoma's not the only place that has a few of these naturally occurring curiosities either, Wikipedia details dozens of them all over the world. Still, it'd be a fun trip to Springer to see it for yourself. Who knows, you might even see Bigfoot while you're out that way.

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