Hellyeah and former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul talked to Grand Rapids, Mich., radio station and Loudwire Nights affiliate WGRD this week ahead of the band's show there at the 20 Monroe Live club next Wednesday (July 19). Among the topics touched on was this year's anniversary of Pantera's groundbreaking album Vulgar Display of Power, which turned 25 earlier this year.

"It feels like it was yesterday almost," Vinnie Paul says of the album. "But looking back on it, it really was a groundbreaking record for heavy metal. It really set the tone for what modern-day metal bands do; they still use that record to A-B their records to as far as getting their guitar sounds, their drums sounds, this, that and the other. So it really was special, and I'm really proud to have been a part of it."

Last summer saw the release of Hellyeah's sixth album, Unden!able, which features a cover of the Phil Collin's hit "I Don't Care Anymore." The band's version of the song features some guitar work from Dimebag Darrell. When asked about the track, Vinnie told WGRD how much it means to hear his late brother on the radio in present day.

"Really back in the day, Pantera never really had any airplay - you know?" he says. "In 2016 to be able to hear my brother Dime again and blazing across all these great radio stations across the the United States and Canada man, I think it's true justice and a great feeling. I loved it."

Hellyeah are on the road for the remainder of this month, wrapping up Aug. 20 at Moonstock in Carterville, Ill. The full list of tour dates can be found here.

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