At the end of each month, Twitch and YouTube personality Nik Nocturnal will be recapping the most viral rock and metal news that had whole internet buzzing in a Loudwire video series. In June, we saw a kid brutalize the viewing public with a Spiritbox cover on America's Got Talent, Muse surprised a festival crowd with a brief Slipknot cover and a lot more.

Unless you unplugged your internet for an entire week (if you did... honestly, good for you) and threw your phone down a well, it was impossible to miss the viral clip of 10-year-old Harper belting out some guttural roars on the competition reality show.

"She's actually really, really good. It's like, damn, she's that good at 10?! When she's 15, 16, 20 years old, I'm pretty sure she's going to queen this up and win the metal game," says Nik Nocturnal.

How can you not root for that? What's even better is that the judges actually realized the merit of that type of vocal technique. If it takes a 10-year-old kid to make them realize this is more than just screaming and that it takes legitimate talent to help Simon Cowell and the likes appreciate heavy music more, then so be it. Beggars can't be choosers — that's a win for metal!

Watch the video directly below to catch up and/or revisit the most attention-grabbing moments from the last month.

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