For more than 30 years, Canada's Voivod have been a beacon of experimentation and innovation. They were among the early pioneers of technicality in thrash, and they broadened their sound to encompass angular, warped-chord prog, more streamlined rock/metal and then back again to dissonant clanging of mangled guitar parts. Now, we have our first dose of their next chapter, as Voivod have shared "Obsolete Beings," the debut track off the forthcoming The Wake, which can be heard above.

This song is typical of Voivod in a couple ways — the futuristic, sci-fi guitar playing remains intact but, as usual, the approach distances itself from that of the band's last release. While "Obsolete Beings" surges with energy from the rhythm section, there's a sense of paranoia, uncertainty, and detachment in the off-kilter melodies.

The Wake, Voivod's 14th studio offering, will be released on Sept. 21 through Century Media Records. Pre-orders can be placed here and you can check out the album art and track listing below. The group will also release the limited edition 7" EP, Always Moving, on Aug. 31 which features a The Wake album track and 2018 live performance of the Killing Technology cut "Order of the Blackguards."

Voivod, The Wake Album Art + Track Listing

Century Media
Century Media

1. Obsolete Beings
2. The End Of Dormancy
3. Orb Confusion
4. Iconspiracy
5. Spherical Perspective
6. Event Horizon
7. Always Moving
8. Sonic Mycelium

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