The Walking Dead didn’t afford us much time to get to know Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘’s Negan outside of of the character’s first comic appearance, but if Season 7 is any indication, the foul-mouthed sociopath is as unsubtle as ever. A new interview sees Morgan discussing his character’s relationship to trademark weapon Lucille, and … well, “It’s his d—.”

Entertainment Weekly spoke with the foul-mouthed Morgan on the equally foul-mouthed Negan, detailing some of the care that went into crafting the character’s barbed-wire bat, Lucille. Comics have recently revealed that Negan named the weapon for his late wife, but Morgan sees the reverence a bit more crudely:

It makes him hard, for God’s sake, just holding her. But it was great care taken with Lucille from the guys that built her … There’s something about her, especially when there’s blood dripping off her. There’s a certain beauty that she has. And for me it’s an extension of Negan. They become one in these scenes together. It’s his d—. I mean, for lack of a better thing, it really is.

It’s how he walks differently with her, he holds her, and it’s a part of him. He uses her to emphasize certain points, not just ‘I’m going to kill you.’ There’s a thing that he has with Lucille, and it’s as close to love as maybe Negan will ever have. He loves Lucille.

Negan has largely provided the focus of Season 7 promotion (what, with any additional footage potentially confirming finale survivors), but even without profanity, can we expect the same delightfully manic performance as on the page? Who else might end up dripping off Lucille?

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