The Walking Dead has the unique problem of promoting Season 7 without eliminating any cast from Negan’s potential victim pool, but at least two were pretty easily crossed off the list. A new clip from Season 7 fresh out of NYCC sees Rick and Negan in a deadly post-Lucille staredown, but is Rick about to wind up with a major injury of his own?

AMC’s mammoth New York Comic-Con panel for The Walking Dead Season 7 brought with it another clip from the premiere, this one taking place in the immediate aftermath of Negan’s deadly bash. The victim of course remains under wraps (even with their blood and brains littering the scene), though Rick’s smart mouth quickly has Negan dragging him off to hand out a mysterious punishment.

Intriguingly, The Wrap also points out that the blood on Rick’s right cheek could have come from anyone on that side, include Rosita, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Daryl or Glenn. Other possible victims Sasha, Carl, Eugene and Aaron were all on Rick’s left side.

All will finally be revealed on October 23, but is The Walking Dead just teasing us with Rick’s hand injury again? What other clues might the scene hold?

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