With so much potential, this movie is just setting itself up for a train wreck everyday. First it started out with Batman and Superman, then you threw Wonder Woman in there so what is it Warner? Is it your two well-known superheroes in their own movie or is it the Justice League, explain Warner, EXPLAIN.

When first announced at San Diego Comic Con this past summer it was amazing, two of the greatest DC heroes were finally coming together on the big screen. Then it all changed when Ben Affleck was cast to be Batman. Now Affleck, in my opinion, would make an incredible Bruce Wayne, but as the Caped Crusader I'm not to sure. With Batman you have to display a certain level of depth and darkness, while as Bruce Wayne you have to carry on as if the 'night life' is almost non-existent. These aspects; as great as Affleck is as an actor, I have no confidence he can pull and I fear it could possibly turn into an Adam West-esque Batman.

Then came the surprising announcement of Wonder Woman being in the movie. If Wonder Woman was maybe doing a cameo it would be fine, but as a major character of the film, you might as well drop calling it Batman/Superman and just call it Justice League. If you're going to build a road to the Justice League film, then you have to build The Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader, not bring them in and have the others follow suit in the same film. Going this route is going to make the path to the Justice League movie feel rushed and carry no substance because of the speed to bring these heroes in.

Before the casting of Wonder Woman, the murmurs of who would be Lex Luthor began to make the rounds. Many prospect-able candidate such as Bryan Cranston from  AMC's 'Breaking Bad' would have been the perfect choice as Superman's arch-nemesis. Of all the choices and all the prospects, you went with Jesse Eisenberg.


Now I wish not to offend Mr. Eisenberg, as matter of fact, he is a terrific actor. I loved him in 'Zombieland,' He gave a stellar performance in 'The Social Network,' and showed he can play more than an awkward teenager/young adult in 'Now You See Me.' However I don't think he can display the power and confidence that makes Lex Luthor who he is. However, that doesn't mean Jesse has the chops for another DC Villian, matter of fact I think he would make an excellent Riddler or perhaps Toyman.

With these questionable cast choices that are just getting worse with each announcement, where even the fans have no confidence, maybe you should just let this idea die and move onto something else. Or just go back to it being Batman and Superman and not a rushed attempted at Justice League.