Current Brooklyn Nine-Nine star and former SNL star Andy Samberg started off the 2015 Emmys in hilarious fashion. After an opening musical number reminiscent of the Lonely Island / SNL digital shorts, Samberg took the stage to warm up the crowd and remind everyone that no, Justin Timberlake wasn’t going to show up.

In his pre-recorded musical intro, Samberg played himself, as a TV fan who is woefully behind on all the popular TV shows. To be able to fully catch up, he looks himself in an underground bunker for a year with stacks of DVDs (and no working toilet). Upon his release, he’s seen every show ever (except, in a hilarious bit, Castle), but he has a scraggly beard and smells like his own poop.

Once he took the stage, Samberg had a great monologue including bringing Jane Lynch out on stage as the mean nun from Game of Thrones who would ring the SHAME bell if anyone went late on their Emmys acceptance speech.

Later he reminded us this year we said goodbye to a lot of great shows like Mad Men, Parks and Recreation and “to True Detective even though it’s still on the air.”

You can watch the full video of Andy Samberg’s Emmy monologue above.

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