Bands shouting out the wrong city's name is an age-old mistake, but KISS erred on another level entirely at the end of a gig in Vienna, Austria, where a thank you message to the fans was displayed in a visual that contained the flag for the country of Australia.

Let's be honest here — keeping track of where you are in the world while also keeping up with the physical and mental demands of a tour are completely exhausting. It's a fast-paced environment that doesn't afford musicians nor crew members proper sleep schedules and there's varying time zones to contend with too. Having a genuine sense for what day or even what time your body thinks it might be is difficult, especially as routines settle in. Where you are in the world is another beast of burden altogether.

Still, it appears someone made a sizable mistake onstage and perhaps glanced at the tour schedule a bit too quickly and mistook Austria for the entire continent of Australia. With only two additional letter separating the names of the two countries, it's understandable, but less so when the country's capital city of Vienna is displayed in tandem with the Australian flag, which looks nothing like the official flag of Austria.

In the tweet below (spotted and reported on by Classic Rock), a fan captured a photo of the thank you message that flashed above the stage at the conclusion of KISS' set as the band's globetrotting farewell run continues. "KISS LOVES YOU VIENNA," reads the sign, with the KISS logo occupied by a representation of Australia's flag.

This snafu follows an onstage mishap from early June, where drummer Eric Singer incorrectly played part of "Detroit Rock City." It resulted in mistimed pyrotechnic effects going off and again brought to the topic of backing tracks into the conversation as Paul Stanley appeared to miss part of a vocal that was still heard through the speakers.

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