If you thought skiing was only a Winter sport, here's a shockingly awesome business opportunity for SWOK. Grasski is exactly what it sounds like. Grass skiing. It was developed in Europe as a way to allow alpine skiers a means to train year round, and has now become a (mostly European) worldwide sport.

This is the kind of tech you could use to put a ski resort out in the Wichita Mountains. Not necessarily to ski Mount Scott, but if you had the cash to purchase a set and the cajones to take the risk, it could be done.

It's a neat workaround Winter, though it does come with some heavy limitations. You can't exactly 'carve' on grasski's. You can't drift either. There are no brakes, and you can't lunge your body weight sideways to come to a complete stop. You're pretty much at the mercy of the hill your careening down at the time.

If we've peeked your interest, check out the only English grasski site I could find, Grasski USA Inc.

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