Earlier this year, the elected officials at city hall asked the citizens of Lawton to vote for more CIP funds on the promises of new roads, demolition of old defunct eyesores, and curb appeal across the entire town. In the days running up to the special election in February, those talking points became just the one... New roads. In the day or two after we approved money for new roads, the city council announced their plans to purchase the Fairmont Creamery for military contractor use. The citizenry cried foul, and the idea fell by the wayside. At least, that's what we thought. Then the pandemic hit.

Just a few weeks into the pandemic, by April at the least, the city announced they were cutting jobs, furloughing employees, and cutting services while raising costs. After hearing for months about how broke the city was, the hope of new roads was understandably postponed in the minds of the people this promise was made to. Then, out of left field, the city announced their interest to purchase the dying and decaying mall for nearly 50% more than it was sold for not even a year ago. Again, people called shenanigans in the face of backroom deals and crony "good ole boy" capitalism and kickbacks. The whole thing stinks to high heaven. While the city has adopted a gag order on talking about it, the plan to do this is still in the works. These elected officials are going to do what they please because they feel that they can, forgetting that they work for us, and we can fire them.

Their plan to purchase the mall is going to cost over $14million plus retrofitting the planned areas of use such as the Sears portion for military contractor use... but city councilors are still sticking to a story that there's no money for roads we were promised. These people promised the demolition of eyesores around town, but instead they're aiming to buy them. It's time to hold their feet to the fire and make them actually hold up their own words for once in the history of this town. Remind your ward councilor that their reelection is completely in your hands. Let them know lout and clear that you'll not only not vote for them if they fail to produce their own promises, you'll pitch in with their competition to ensure they don't see another day behind that giant desk at city hall.

Make politicians honest again or make them GTFO of city hall.

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