You need a hard rock and metal playlist for the weekend, and we've got you covered! Every Friday, we'll refresh this playlist with new songs released during the week, mixed in with tracks heard over the last couple months and tease albums that have yet to come out. Weekly Wire covers all styles of rock and metal — don't be bashful.

Artists With New Albums Out - May 24:
The Amazons - Future Dust (Island)
Dark Numbers - If It Was It Would Be (Nadine)
Destrage - The Chosen One (Metal Blade)
Diamond Head - The Coffin Train (Silver Lining)
Earth - Full Upon Her Burning Lips (Sargent House)
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Veleno (Nuclear Blast)
Martyrdod - Hexhammaren (Southern Lord)
My Dying Bride - A Harvest Of Dread Book/Box Set (Peaceville)
Neckbeard Deathcamp - So Much For The Tolerant Left (Prosthetic)
Nocturnus AD - Paradox (Profound Lore)
Of Virtue - What Defines You (SharpTone)
Rendezvous Point - Universal Chaos (Long Branch)
Samsara - Reap What You Sow EP (Innerstrength)
Siamese - Super Human (Long Branch)
Soto - Origami (InsideOut)
Tanith - In Another Time (Metal Blade)

Here's what just came out and is coming out in the Weekly Wire Spotify playlist below.

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