Ten Second Songs is back with his latest project, "Old Town Road." That song is everywhere right now. Playing on pop, country, urban, and some rock stations across the United States. But there's a catch to his cover, it's in the style of Nickelback, which perfectly fits any song with a boringly steady beat and basic rhyming structure.

Here's the question of the minute though... How long will it be until 'Old Town Road' falls into that 'American Pie' category? Sure, it's catchy and you can bob your head to it... but inevitably it has to become a way overplayed song that makes people cringe when that first beat drops right? It's lasted far longer than any of us thought it would, but eventually it'll be just another 'Enter Sandman' or 'All The Single Ladies'... It might even go as far into obscurity as 'Macarena.' You never know.

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