We're not sure if Rocklahoma allows this, but if you're paying VIP prices, this shouldn't be a problem at all.

A lot of people often ask "What's it like backstage at Rocklahoma?"

Well, it's busy. Not only are the VIP's stowed away behind the rear fence at Rocklahoma, there's a flurry of activity behind the stages. It's a sea of tents and trailers. Some are set up to host bands before and after their performances, others are make-shift kitchens, offices, etc...

The roads you see are a flurry of activity throughout each day. Trucks hauling band equipment are in and out all day long, as fast as possible. Tour buses come and go all the same. When you have back-to-back shows 600 miles apart, the tour moves fast all day, everyday.

Small bands make their way over to the media tents and Radio Row throughout the day, trying to shake hands and get their albums out to the masses. Larger bands seem to just show up and surprise everyone on the spot. Promoters will pop their head in the door and just say '______ will be over here in fifteen, you down for an interview?' While it's fun to catch the show throughout the day, if you're not glued to your Radio Row booth, your station misses out on the action.

As chaotic as backstage can be, there's a lot of chill that happens as the big bands start taking the stage. Festival officials start disappearing for the day, the smell of charcoal hits the area, and all the media peeps kind of gather to share war stories and laughs. Some are new to ROK, others are the same friends you see year after year. Seemingly, Rocklahoma is kind of like a really loud extended family reunion.


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