So, today, I did a thing.  I work in communications and thus am considered 'Essential Personnel'.  What that usually means that I have to work when everyone else gets to stay home, but today, it means that I am eligible for the COVID Vaccination!I booked online, answering questions that would determine if I was eligible to have the vaccine before my age allowed.  I was surprised at how quickly that process was.  I chose to have my shot at the Central Mall location, and on arrival wasn't too sure how this huge room with multiple inoculation locations was going to work.  Again, pleasantly surprised!

On arrival, they check your ID and appointment and direct us to enter the 'zone'.  Another worker scans the QR code that you get on your appointment confirmation. (They remind you to print it and bring it, but you can even pull it up on your phone). From there, you are directed to a seat where you answer a few health questions on how you are feeling at that moment, and if you have been diagnosed with Coronavirus.


Then comes the fun part.  The part where you get stuck.  Let me just say if you get Mashawn Johnson, you should consider yourself super lucky!  She gives a good stick.  Of course you feel it, but it wasn't and isn't painful.  You are instructed to wait 15 minutes before you can leave to make sure you don't have any crazy reactions to the shot, (I had none) then you leave and go on about your business.  That simple.

Is my arm tender...maybe.  Does it hurt, nope.  Do I recommend the shot?  Yes, I think I do.  I've had a few COVID tests done and not a fan, so given the choice of that or this, this wins every time.


I got the PFIZER brand, and will have my second injection in about 3 weeks.  Now, I'm already hearing horror stories about side effects of second shot, but I think I prefer to just find out for myself. I will proudly carry the card with me.  Hopefully it will keep me from having to be tested any longer! BTW, I was first from my office to get vaccinated, but Dakoka went at lunch to a different location and Michelle has one scheduled for today as well!  Rock on Townsquare Media!

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