Hmm, that ring starting too feel a little tight, is it?

VictoriaMilan, a dating webwsite for married people, has done a study to figure out when wives are most likely to begin fooling around on their husbands.

The seven-year itch is a little bit off in the U.S. -- that's because women begin adulterous relationships after eight-and-a-half years of marriage, with an average age of 35-and-a-half.

Globally, women get married at an average age of 29 and start affairs at 36.6, so gentlemen, check your calendars.

Victoria Milan founder Sigurd Vedal, clearly trying to capitalize on his site's purpose, put a nice positive spin on this news. "Having an affair can help married women rediscover their zest for live, their sensuality, and the physical passion they may miss," he said. "These are universal needs, and craving sexual pleasure is something billions of us have in common – no matter how many other differences we may well have."

Of course, there's no data about how the site came up with its findings, so take this all with a grain of salt.

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