You know, about once a week, I'll have lunch with Critter over at Sam's Club. Not in the sense that we walk around eating all the free samples and such, but at the Sam's Cafe located up front between the entrance and exit. At this point, it's sort of a weekly tradition. We used to really enjoy the Nathan's hot dog, especially when they still offered chili, but it's just not the same since they started selling the cheaper and less-than-appealing Member's Mark dog. I don't think anyone goes there for the hot dog combo anymore, but one thing everyone agrees on... The Sam's Club slice of pizza is probably the best pizza in Lawton, but there's a new problem, and it has nothing (I hope) to do with the crappy hot dogs. Flies.

Now, sure, anytime you have food and generally open doors, you're gonna have a little bit of nature on the inside. Remember when they had a flock of birds living in the rafters? But flies are a different thing. I can remember a handful of times that I encountered flies in a Sam's meal, but never anything like the infestation they seem to be experiencing right now. And worst of all, when they land on the table, they're mating... making a whole new generation of flies to pester you. It's almost bad enough, eating your slice in a hot car looks more appetizing.

Now, I admit, the thought that this is a seasonal thing has crossed my mind. I did a little searching, but the only thing that ties flies to the indoors this time of year seems to be a Northern USA problem. As the overnight temps fall into the 50's and mornings get a cold start, all bugs head inside as the season changes. That's not the case for Lawton, Ok. Sure, it's cooler at night, but it's still summer hot outside. It's not mating either. They do that year round.

One thing that we did notice though, as Sam's has spent a good amount of time rearranging stuff recently... Not just the isles up front, but the deli area too, there is something missing from the "dining" area. If you've ever eaten there, you probably noticed the air sterilizers mounted on the wall. I want to say it was mounted above the pop machines on that East wall. It would sit there all day, passively and quietly sterilizing the air through, and I'm totally guessing on this, UV light. Maybe a static charge... Maybe both... But those air machines don't seem to be in that area anymore. Is that why I can't take a break from being fly-vigilant during a slice of that delicious pizza?

Whatever it is, and to whatever lengths they have to go to correct the problem, they should. Eating with a hoard of flies is just wrecking Sam's Day for everyone.


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