It seems like West Lawton is becoming the pizza center of our town. When the new Domino's opens, it will be the eighth pizza joint on that side of town.

Count them with me now... Firo, Pizza Hut, New Domino's, Little Ceasar, No Name Pizza, Chuck E Cheese, Hunt Bros Pizza, and the last time I visited Target, there was a Pizza Hut Express in there. Eight pizza joints on one side of town - AKA - another reason why West Lawton is Best Lawton. As I work with several East Side compatriots, the conversation went just about how every East VS West conversation went...

Example: Here's how the conversations go with people who live on the East Side of Lawton... They scroll back to the 1985-1995 part of their memory and talk about how great it is living East of I-44... and in the next sentence, they're complaining about how little they have over that way. It's an odd taboo of East Side life I suppose.

The thing about West Lawton is, the old saying goes, "You don't choose West Lawton. West Lawton chooses you." It's like a battle cry for us Westies. To be fair though, I don't really feel there's any "best" part of Lawton. It's all pretty level as far as quality of life. Not only are there trade-offs of living in each area, most of them are strikingly similar. Each slice of this town has it's typical traits. Small affordable homes, huge beautiful expensive neighborhoods, swaths of unmowed vacancies, rows of rentals, some sort of grocery outlet, convenient stores, and especially now for the East side, plenty of dollar and discount stores. The West, Central, South, and East Lawton debate seems to be moot. It's all one Lawton.

I've really strayed from the talking point of the title haven't I? The point being, does anyone know when the new West Cache Domino's is opening?

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