I have mentioned several times that I am a list girl, and I love being able to set reminders on my phone of appointments that I can't forget.  My hair appointments for example, I don't ever want to forget those!

Or, when my dogs go to the groomer, or to the Vet for shots.  Somethings are just too important to leave to a sticky note on your computer monitor.

sam thomas
sam thomas

I use the calendar on my phone for those things almost on a daily basis, but for the BIG stuff like anniversaries, or vacations, or family portraits, I like to go with the big guns.  This morning I tried to open my app, and it took FOREVER.  Maybe it's time to update, so I did some research and with the help of igeeksblog found the top 5 FREE iPhone Countdown apps!

1. Countdown Star - Free

2.Countdown - Free, but the Countdown Widget costs $4.99

3. Day Count - Free App, Upgrade to Premiere for $8.99

4. Countdown` Free, upgrade to pro $.99

5. Event Countdown - Calendar App

I'm actually loving the widget one.  I have the Weather Channel widget on my home page on my phone and it's so convenient!  My current app is the Event Countdown - Calendar App.  It's OK, but I'm thinking as I get more technically adept, that I need an app that grows with me.

Have you tried any of these?  Would you take the poll and let us know which one of these free iPhone apps are the best.  I'm hoping that I find just the right one to keep me on my toes for those important anniversaries that are coming up so quickly!  Only 40 days to family portraits!

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