Sunday night, Chicago White Sox outfielder Adam Eaton sat down like millions of us in the U.S. to watch the Academy Awards. After a few moments of the show, Eaton, like many of us, grew weary of the repetitive pokes taken at the Academy by host Chris Rock regarding the lack of African-American nominees at the 'Oscar' Awards and the protest that endued after the nominations were announced.

"does it always have to be about black and white? #American"...Adam Eaton, White Sox outfielder

Later in the week, Eaton, reportedly at the behest of his team, removed the "offending" tweet and issued an apology for his comment. But was Eaton 'off base' with his comment? Was he not in line with a lot of people in this country who feel that the whole protest was a non-issue, made by actors who were not nominated and didn't deserve it in the first place? Not because of the color of their skin, but because of the performances they turned in during the time period to be eligible for nomination this year?

We want to you feel that Eaton misspoke and may have over stepped his bounds with his comments? We also want to know if you believe that the Chicago White Sox organization overstepped its bounds by forcing Eaton to remove the tweet and apologize for it's content.

Tell us what you think.

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