Whitechapel have already showcased a remarkable sense of evolution on the first two Kin singles — "Lost Boy" and "A Bloodsoaked Symphony" — but now they have completely shattered the ever-widening boundaries of the deathcore genre with the new ballad, "Orphan."

On The Valley, Whitechapel's 2019 album, the band introduced clean-sung elements to their music, alongside melodic and atmospheric passages, as frontman Phil Bozeman lyrically grappled with his troubled childhood. Kin is a continuation of this stylistic evolution and "Orphan" marks the furthest deviation from Whitechapel's earth-flattening brutality. It's still quite heavy, but for entirely different reasons.

"Orphan' represents the battle of accepting what reality has given me within the story of Kin, and the battle between me and my alternate reality's realm," said Bozeman of the third track to arrive in advance of the Oct. 29 release of Kin.

Watch the music video for "Orphan" at the bottom of the page and pre-order your copy of Whitechapel's eighth album, which will be released on Metal Blade, here. Look for the band on tour in the U.S. early next year, providing direct support for Cannibal Corpse alongside Revocation and Shadow of Intent.

Whitechapel, "Orphan" Lyrics

It’s just the way it is
How did I find myself to be so pitiful and vulnerable
And I lay my head upon an empty heartbeat
I’m alone and I’m miserable

It’s just the way that it is and it’s hopeless now
I’ll never leave the prison inside my head
No one will ever understand the way it feels
To shut out the emotion that drives me back to you

Is that your voice that I hear
Is that the touch that I had once feared
Is that the way that you look now
Is this what we are

Cynical ole me, beckoning for company
An illusion that I dream of in a nightmare
What do I care if you’re here and there’s nothing left
Inside of your hollow shell
I’m still alone, I’m still miserable
Is there hope somewhere in this case of flesh we call our home
I don’t feel it
Mother, father please go back to sleep
I can’t bare to see you barely alive
We’re all alone, we’re all miserable

Forget my voice
Forget my eyes
My heart is content now to betray my insides

Whitechapel, "Orphan" Music Video

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