To say ammo shortages and gun runs are a cyclical thing, you'd be right on the money. It's been a few years since our last ammunition shortage, and well, people didn't take the time to stock up their supplies before this latest one either. It's enough to make even the most hardcore right-wing shooter cry out how communism is good.

"Why is he talking about communism?"

Here's the thing... Some of us have spent years stocking up on items that were once in very short demand. As prices returned to normal after President Obama said he was coming for our guns in 2012, there was just no excuse to not pack some away for a political snafu like we're sitting in right now. The rona has limited the manufacturing capacity of most makers, and the political landscape has one candidate saying he's gonna take your constitutional right to bear arms away. Naturally, while guns are pretty plentiful, the first thing people are snatching up is ammunition.

Of course, there's that thought that if we, as a nation, fall into bands of tribes and have to barter our way out of a situation, having plenty of precious lead and copper metal on hand with allow survival... but not everybody can get their tactical hands on it. That's just the nature of the free market.

The call for communism comes when those who didn't plan for the current political landscape calls fowl on those who put into practice the cornerstone of the American dream... Supply and demand.

I'm sure you've seen it. Gun shops hiking prices, partly because they have to, mostly because they can... So those that have a surplus at home decide to get in on the action. The person looking for what is being sold is shocked by the price, naturally higher than regular price, then they complain about the high prices "poor me, I'm a victim" saying how it should all be a certain price across the board.

"We should all have equal munitions." Joseph Stalin (probably)

Here's the hard pill to swallow... If you didn't plan for an ammo shortage, you'll either have to ride it out and hope it gets better, or suck it up and pay the asking price. One thing is for sure, prices will not get cheaper between now and November... they're only going up. Now is the cheaper time to buy regardless of how high that precious metal is.

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