Former Ghost member Linton Rubino has spoken about how he needed six months of therapy after being fired from the band by Tobias Forge. The musician claims he felt as if he was "nobody" in an interview with Dr. Music.

Rubino was a part of the Nameless Ghouls and his stage name was Water until he was fired in 2015. He was asked if was difficult to start over with a new band since his identity was hidden while in Ghost, which is when Mercury (his current stage name) opened up about going to therapy. "Yeah I actually went through therapy for six months after that 'cause I felt that you know I'm nobody."

Rubino says "We were up there playing with Metallica and Iron Maiden and everything and they know who we are, all the people backstage know who we are, but nobody else."

The musician then opened up about starting over after being fired. "So it's just like being up here and then you're basically not. And then I had to, I didn't have a job or anything and then it was cold turkey money-wise. So I had to really restart from bottom," he explained. "Every breakup takes a while right, then you're back on track in a couple of months. And you just roll up your sleeves and get at it again. You don't have much of a choice."

Although he wasn't a part of the 2017 lawsuit that was filed against lead singer Forge, he was "involved emotionally" since his father and a close friend were a part of the trial. Members of Ghost tried to sue Forge for unpaid compensation claiming they had not received their rightful share of the band's profits during their tenure, and the court ended up dismissing the case and ruling in Forge's favor.

Rubino is currently the vocalist for Priest, which is a Swedish synthwave band that blends hard rock, industrial and electronic music. Another former member of Ghost, keyboardist Salt, is also part of the band. Watch Rubino's full interview with Dr. Music below.

Former Ghost Member Says He Needed Six Months of Therapy After Being Fired From Band

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