So I ran over to Walmart today because I saw something on rollback with 'Limited Stock' available. I had time to kill, so why not? The moment I turned into the parking lot, I see one of these yellow beacons of 'Big Brother' overlooking in 360 degree coverage. I figured, "Everyone calls it the ghetto Walmart, it's probably been here a while." Further down the lot, there's an installer putting up another one. Now it has my interest.

What in the world is going on in the Sheridan Road Walmart parking lot that has the Lot Cops watching? Could it be the bomb threat that was called into the Chickasha WM a few weeks ago? Perhaps the missing motorized scooter that flashed across headlines then disappeared from the internet? Or maybe they're finally getting around to adding cameras due to that rumored shooting... Either way, I don't think it's doing the intended job.

Normally, a company will add security measures to put customers at ease... but this might have the opposite effect. I didn't notice the little white Securitas car that normally wanders the lot, maybe Walmart is outsourcing local jobs to cheaper technology... but the security guard could have been sweeping the back docks for perps or cruising Sam's next door. While it may not inspire confidence in your own safety, lets hope there's a result that comes with whatever this is.

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