There are some unspoken rules to riding the road on a bike. If you follow them, you won't end up asphalt pie like these idiots.

First off, while it's easy to convince yourself of your own egotistical awesomeness, that pack mentality of being tough bikers will get you run over like the guy above.

Second, your awesome 'horse of steel on which you ride' is absolutely no match for a vehicle. Come on now, you can hardly deal with grooved concrete... brake checking a motorist will leave you lucky to be alive.

Third, don't be an idiot and think vigilante justice is something real. True, there are MC's out there that wouldn't think twice of ripping this driver out of that car and beating them nearly and/or to death... But we're talking real bikers... 3%er's and such. If this isn't you, take notes and call the cops. Don't be the tough talking dude that develops the dry heaves when you see your pal rolled up on the highway.

Let's recap.

1. Don't be stupid.
2. Repeat rule number one.

Go ride, have a good time, but don't let your ego ride you.

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