Nita Strauss says she won't ever step behind the mic because she's "not a very good singer." The musician plans to keep doing what she does best, which is shredding the guitar while making more music.

Strauss, who also plays guitar for Alice Cooper's band, never planned on incorporating vocals with her solo music, because she never planned on doing a solo record that wasn't instrumental.

Speaking with Metal Edge's Another FN Podcast With Izzy Presley (as seen below), Strauss explains, "I wasn't planning on ever doing a solo record that wasn't an instrumental shred thing. Instrumental shred is kind of my passion; it's what I've always wanted to do. And it wasn't really what I set out to do, doing radio stuff - I wanted to kind of stay true to my identity as a guitar player and just make guitar music. But then, as I grew a little bit as a songwriter, it just made sense to sort of evolve a little bit more musically and branch out and try different things, get in front of a new audience - obviously, a much larger audience than I would have ever just doing instrumental guitar music."

Strauss says she's "learning so much" and is having a great time with her music these days. She also talks about her singing - or lack of, in the interview too, and when she was asked if she'd ever step behind the mic she laughed, "Absolutely not. Because I want people to like it. I'm not a very good singer. Why am I gonna sing when I know I'm not that good?"

Strauss goes on to say that she's not going to do something that she doesn't particularly enjoy that's going to get negative feedback from people. We can appreciate her honesty and if she wants to stick to shredding the guitar then that's what she should do.

As for there being vocalists on her new album, the guitarist says she's had her pick of grea singers to collaborate with and they can sing while she plays the guitar. Her next solo LP will feature "six instrumental tracks and six tracks with guest vocalists."

Nita Strauss Speaks With Metal Edge

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