There was a lot of talk before Martin Scorsese's 'The Wolf of Wall Street' hit theaters about the length of the film: the release had been delayed so Scorsese could get the runtime down to an acceptable three hours from what was said to be a four-hour version of the film, and although Scorsese never releases "director's cuts" of his films, we're hearing you will be able to see his four-hour cut after all when the Blu-ray hits shelves this year.

Producers Joey McFarland and Riza Aziz spoke with the Daily Mail about what we can expect from the Blu-ray release of the film:

I think we are going to have some good surprises. To be honest with you the movie is not much different in its longer form, it’s just longer versions of scenes. Nothing really got cut out so it’s a lot more of what you’ve already seen.

Scorsese has often said that the theatrical versions of his films are his "director's cut," and the DVD/Blu-ray releases of his films do not include extended, uncut, or unrated versions of his movies. But it looks like we'll actually be able to see Scorsese's four-hour cut of the film as the producers confirmed to the Daily Mail that viewers will have the option of watching the film with the extended scenes intact.

Would you be interested in watching a four-hour cut of 'Wolf of Wall Street' or was three hours pushing the limits for you?

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