Wolfgang Van Halen sprained his ankle while exiting the tour bus yesterday (Oct. 20) and was outfitted with a boot cast as the injury mends. The Mammoth WVH club shows remain unaffected, however, and the rocker took the stage and was "Dave Grohl-ing it" in Huntsville, Alabama at the Mars Music Hall.

Always keen on providing fans updates through social media, whether it's about how he's not going to be playing any Van Halen material live or this most recent mishap, the 30-year-old shared the message, "[I] ate shit walking off the bus this morning and sprained the FUCK outta my ankle. Now I gotta rock this boot for 4-6 weeks. Looks like this boot's gonna get some show experience. We'll seeya [sic] tonight, Huntsville."

The post included a photo of his lower leg, which was placed in a removable boot cast.

Once Mammoth WVH loaded into Mars Music Hall, Van Halen provided another pre-show update, letting everyone know how soundcheck went, noting that it was "interesting." "Looks like I'm gonna be Dave Grohl-ing it tonight, folks," he added, referencing the time the Foo Fighters frontman broke his leg and continued to perform on tour while seated upon a massive throne, which he has since lent to other ailing musicians, most recently to the bassist of Greyhawk, who was injured while thwarting an active shooter outside of a show.

There was no throne for Wolf though... not yet at least.

Instead, he sat on a drum stool for the gig and later exclaimed in a followup post, "Welp... never done that before, but we pulled it off!" In that same social media post, Van Halen also shared a boot-less photo of his swollen ankle.

Loudwire wishes Wolfgang Van Halen a speedy and full recovery from his sprained ankle. Fortunately, there's only two more Mammoth WVH gigs left on the tour slate as they continue to support the self-titled debut record which was released earlier this year.

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