What man doesn't enjoy having his face buried in between a set of enormous knockers from time to time? Well, except when those monstrous protuberances go rogue and end up being the last thing you ever see.

Unfortunately, that is exactly the type of madness that happened over the weekend in Everett, Washington. Authorities say that 51-year old Donna Lange was arrested Saturday night after she allegedly killed her boyfriend by suffocating him with her not-so-fun bags.

It all took place at the Airport Inn trailer park, where witnesses report watching Lange throw her man on the ground outside the couple’s mobile home before covering his face with her chest. When police arrived, medics were already on the scene performing CPR. However, their efforts were apparently no match for the life-extinguishing capabilities of Lange’s furious ta-tas – the man was pronounced dead (perhaps with a smile on his face) at a local hospital.

Lange was taken to the Snohomish County jail where she was charged with second-degree manslaughter – a double D class felony.

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