This probably wasn't the long object this woman hoped to be handling.

A 61-year-old Trenton, N.J. woman was arrested last week after she stabbed her male roommate in the chest when he would not have sex with her, proving the old adage, "Hell hath no fury like a horny woman scorned."

Sharon Harry is now looking at aggravated assault and weapons charges.

(And side note: a 61-year-old woman living with a man where the sexual tension reaches a fever pitch? Is this what happened to Janet from Three's Company?)

After the roomie said "thanks, but no thanks" to Harry, she found a knife and stabbed him in his chest. And you thought your roomie who wouldn't chip in his share for the electric bill was bad.

The man suffered a serious injury and went to the hospital for treatment. We're going to assume he's gotta get out of that hospital pronto to find a good lawyer, hire some movers and start looking for a new place to live.

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