In just a couple of days, the story of Woodstock 50 has become more compelling than Fyre Festival. In a new development following the cancellation and apparent un-cancellation of Woodstock 50, the festival organizers have hired President Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, to help the fledgling event.

The word of Woodstock 50’s cancellation came from Dentsu Aegis Network, a marketing agency and live events partner with Woodstock. “Despite our tremendous investment of time, effort and commitment, we don’t believe the production of the festival can be executed as an event worthy of the Woodstock Brand name while also ensuring the health and safety of the artists, partners and attendees,” Dentsu Aegis stated.

To help counter the statement released by Dentsu Aegis, Woodstock have attained the services of Kasowicz, who stated, “Dentsu has no legal right or ability to cancel it. All stakeholders, including the entertainers, should proceed with the understanding that the event will take place as planned and if they have any questions, they should reach out directly.”

Woodstock’s production partner, Superfly, has also cut ties with the festival. “The producers of the Woodstock 50th anniversary festival hired Superfly to leverage our expertise as veteran event producers to manage festival operations, a role that aligned with our mission of creating shared experiences that build community,” a spokesperson for the company tells Rolling Stone. “Throughout our engagement our team provided counsel and recommendation on the necessary elements required to produce a safe and first-class experience. Following the decision of one of our clients, Dentsu, to cancel the event, we will no longer be participating in ongoing related activities.”

Though many see Woodstock 50 as a lost cause, festival co-founder Michael Lang is refusing to throw in the towel. “I know that in this day and age when things are so buttoned down, and the industry is so buttoned down, this is kind of an oddity. But things happen when you are committed and have a purpose, and we are getting a lot of heartfelt support out there,” Lang told the New York Times.

“The bottom line is, there is going to be a Woodstock 50th Anniversary Festival, as there must be, and it’s going to be a blast,” he added in a April 30 email sent to fans.

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