I’m not typically cool with the Cowboys changing their uniforms in the least little bit, but these look great.

Dubya Design introduced a new Dallas Cowboys mixtape uniform concept that stays true to the classic look while introducing some new elements.

The star on the shoulder look is brought back in both the blue and the white jerseys. I know it’s a big point of contention among fans in that the Cowboys have never won a championship with that look, but I’ve always been a fan of it. With that being said, the superstitious sports fan in me is hesitant to fully embrace it.

The point of the mixtape is to mix and match the designs however you like. So, here’s my take.

For home games, go with the silver helmet, white jersey and gray pants. For away games in which the home team wears white, use the same scheme but with the blue jersey, which reminds me a lot of the old away jersey with the gray stripes on the sleeves.

I love the white helmet, but I would maybe use it as an alternate as part of a solid white uniform. And while I love the “stormtrooper” look of the solid white uniforms (a la the Texas Longhorns’ road whites), it doesn’t really look like the Cowboys to me.

Ultimately, I’m not sure most fans would embrace any sort of change to the classic look, but I do believe the tweaks introduced in the mixtape are subtle enough that a lot of fans could get behind it.

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