So what's it gonna be the Xbox Series X or the PS5? It's going to be a tough decision and one you'll have to make in the next few days. Both consoles are coming out this week. The Xbox Series X was released today (11-10-20) and the PS5 with be available this Thursday (11-12-20). There's pros and cons to each system so it's all going to come down to personal likes, dislikes and affordability.

The Xbox Series X has a suggested retail price of $499.00 and the Xbox Series S is $299.00 the PS5 sales for $499.00 and the PS5 Digital Edition is $399.00 that's if you can actually find one in stores or online for sale at MSRP. Of course you could pay 2 or 3 times that if you have to have one right now.

They're going on Ebay and other sites for $999.00 and up! Gotta love those price gouging basement dwellers who purchase all the systems up for re-sell. May they all suffer a most excruciating and embarrassing death. I'd suggest you wait and pay what it's worth and not give these opportunistic pricks any of your hard earned cash!

Everyone has a preference when it comes to their console and who they like better Microsoft or PlayStation, even Nintendo. Then there's the games and which console has the most and best titles. Of course right at launch there's usually not a big selection of games. This time around both systems have some pretty decent titles at launch. It looks like PlayStation might have the upper hand with a few more games than Xbox.

The good news is both are backwards compatible so you'll be able to play your older games, or at least your somewhat older games on the new systems. Either way it's a ton of cash to spend and right in the middle of a pandemic with uncertainty and job insecurity at every turn. I'm sure despite all that the Xbox Series X and PS5 will be the most sought after Christmas gift that everyone wants and is searching for this year.

So which do you prefer? The Xbox Series X or the PS5? Still not too sure? Well hit play on the video above and get some insight on the differences between the 2 and a little taste of what you can expect when you hook it up and play. I'll wait this one out and make a final decision once prices and availability is better.

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