This week, local government leadership is singing a different, less dystopian tune in the most recent updates to their Covid-19 citizen orders. Clothing is back on the menu for shoppers at essential businesses within the confines of Lawton city limits. Which is good news since quarantine has people, well, growing as they seek to occupy their time at home. Which is OK. Desperate times call for oven-baked macaroni and cheese.

This new order is looking to curb the incredible restrictions we, the people, have experienced over the last few weeks. Plus, getting those essential tax dollars probably isn't bad either.

Here are the details straight from the City of Lawton website if you'd like to read it.

Here's the TL;DR:

Emergency Order A-2 – the April 15th Supplement to Exhibit A of the April 3rd Civil Emergency Proclamation – has been signed by Mayor Stan Booker and Mayor Pro Tem Jay Burk.


A copy of the signed order can be found here:


“It is time for Lawton to lead in a safe way and in a smart way,” said Mayor Booker at the April 14 Lawton City Council meeting, when highlights of the order were



As previously disseminated by the City of Lawton, the order allows golf courses, disc golf courses, sporting goods stores, furniture stores, car washes (in full capacity) and clothing stores to reopen following strict guidelines. Other retail merchandise stores deemed essential on the Oklahoma Essential Industries List per the governor’s executive proclamation and/or orders will be allowed to operate via curbside service, mail-out orders or home deliveries.


All businesses allowed to operate under the new order will be required to make face masks available to employees. Furthermore, businesses are advised to implement a screening process for employees prior to the start of shifts. See an example at


Additionally, requirements for the continuation of operations at car dealerships and motorcycle dealerships are outlined within the order.

This order, with the exception of the face mask availability requirement for employers, is in effect today, 4/15/20. The face mask availability requirement for employers will take effect 4/23/20.


Find additional information and resources on the City of Lawton COVID-19 Response at


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