Yungblud, Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker are running it back after finding success with Kelly's 2019 hit "I Think I'm OKAY." This time Yungblud takes the lead with the song "acting like that" targeted for his Weird! album, which is due this Friday (Dec. 4)

“‘Acting like that’ is a result of what happens when me, MGK and Travis get together, the energy’s electric and we write songs that amplify a feeling," Yungblud explained. “This song radiates just going fucking nuts at your favorite show, a feeling that we all need right now. This song is about losing control and feeling free with your best fucking mates.”

The track has been done for some time, with Machine Gun Kelly revealing via Instagram that he'd been playing the song in his DJ sets dating back a year.

The pair teased the song's arrival with a social media-posted Facetime call in which they concluded "Fuck it," that they'd just drop the track early ahead of Yungblud's new album.

Earlier this year, Kelly spoke of the growing musical friendship between he and Yungblud, likening themselves to a modern day Jimi Hendrix and Elton John. He told NME, “I reached out because I was a fan of everything he does, including his attitude and his way of dressing. His raw voice is so good, and he has an immense love for rock ’n’ roll. Those energies gravitate towards each other.”

He added, “It feels like a dope, across-the-pond thing, like: ‘You hold it down over there and I’ll hold it down over here.’ Together we can make some sort of union of rock stars. We’re like Elton John and Jimi Hendrix back in the day.”

If you like "acting like that," the track is currently available via the platform of your choosing here.

Yungblud Featuring Machine Gun Kelly + Travis Barker

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