In yet another sign of today's new artists showing more interest in inclusivity for their audience members, rising star Yungblud has requested that gender neutral restrooms be offered as an option for each show on the "Life on Mars" tour of the U.K. And if the request is not met, the musician has not been shy about letting it be known.

"It was really important to me that there will be gender neutral facilities on this tour, because I know how hard it is for non-binary people at a gig to go to the toilet and stuff, so that's happening," said Yungblud in a video posted to social media.

However, the musician took the opportunity pointing out some opposition to his request when booking a date in Newcastle. "Get out of the fucking dark ages," Yungblud admonished, before later in the video showing that he was indeed in Newcastle standing in front of a clearly marked gender neutral toilet facility sign that he may have put up himself. "If the council have got a fucking problem with it, talk to me," he added.

"I will try my best that every YB show till the end of time has gender neutral facilities," Yungblud captioned the video post.

Yungblud's most recent album was 2020's Weird, though he did release a stand-alone single "Fleabag" earlier this year. The "Life on Mars" tour title may come from his well-received David Bowie cover at the virtual David Bowie Celebration concert earlier this year.

The "Life on Mars" tour continues through the U.K. through Oct. 19, with six other shows booked this year before the next European tour leg starts April 30 next year. See all Yungblud's scheduled stops here.

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