Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ used to be “must watch TV” for us. Now, after the past few seasons made it clear that the show is going absolutely nowhere, ‘Dexter’ has turned into “must Hate-Watch TV.” But we’ll be watching with a little less hate in our hearts next season thanks to the casting of Australian beauty Yvonne Strahovski.

We first noticed Strahovski as the super hot, butt-kickin’ spy Sarah on NBC’s ‘Chuck.’ After that show was cancelled, we feared we’d have to watch ‘Chuck’ reruns or stream old Sobe ads to get our Strahovski fix, but luckily the blonde beauty is set to play a key role in ‘Dexter’s upcoming seventh season.

We’re pretty excited about this casting. Not only because we’ll get to see Strahovski strutting her stuff as a mystery character on the show, but because there’s a chance (as slight as it may be) that we’ll get to see more of her than ever before. Showtime is a pay cable channel. You get what we’re sayin’? (Boobs.)

Details about Strahovski’s ‘Dexter’ character, Hannah, have been kept under wraps. “I think there’s a slightly mysterious quality about her,” Strahovski said about her character.

Are you looking forward to seeing Strahovski on ‘Dexter?’




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