Wow that didn't take long! Yesterday I posted a review and some photos for Collection 3 'Chaos' the latest D.L.C. (downloadable content) for Call Of Duty: MW3 The review was less than positive due to the lack of Multiplayer maps. Check out the review and photos here.

I certainly wasn't the only one complaining about Collection 3 as players took to the game's official website forums and the Call Of Duty: MW3 Facebook page to express their disappointment. Collection 3 'Chaos' will be released on (08-09-12) Thursday, August 9th

The new D.L.C. contains four all new Special Ops missions: Arctic Recon, Vertigo, Light Em’ Up and Special Delivery. There’s also three new ‘Face Off’ maps: Intersection, Vortex and U-turn. Plus the all new ‘Chaos’ Special Ops game mode that utilizes some of the original MW3 maps: Resistance, Village, Underground and Dome. But no multiplayer maps are included in Collection 3 'Chaos'.

After all the complaints Infinity Ward, the game developers for MW3 released the details for the next D.L.C. Collection 4 'Final Assault' late yesterday evening, assuring fans that more multiplayer maps were on the way. As a matter of fact the last drop for MW3 'Final Assault' will be nothing but multiplayer maps! Five all together including: Gulch, Parish, Decommission, Offshore and Boardwalk. Collection 4 'Final Assault' will be available for all Xbox 360 players on (09-06-12) Thursday, September 6th Take a look at what we can expect.