Look at that picture. Don't let those smiles and beautiful angelic faces fool you. Sure they're pretty, but they're pretty damn tough too. The lovely yet dangerous ladies of the 580 Rollergirls, Lawton's roller derby team.

I had the pleasure of speaking with CC Roller and Fermented Fury of the 580 Rollergirls Friday night (04-27-12) about their upcoming bout against  the OKC Outlaws at the Great Plains Coliseum (05-05-12) for what's lovingly billed as 'Insano De Mayo'. It's gonna be an ass kickin' good time! All the hard hitting, fast moving, non-stop action of roller derby plus they have a few surprises for the fans including raffles, giveaways, special activities and more. Plus you can meet the team!

I really don't know a lot about the sport, I've seen it on TV and movies but never in person. I'm really looking forward to seeing my first bout as the 580 clash with the Outlaws. The team is now in it's second season and have been going strong since it's formation back in 2010 The current roster boasts over 30 members and each skater brings something unique to the rink from skill level to personality.

In recent years the popularity of roller derby has exploded as more teams form along with leagues and more and more women are becoming interested in the sport. "We're trying to bring it back as a sport along with all the fast, furious, hard hitting that goes with it. Get the fans going and see roller derby become a real sport again" says CC Roller.

As passionate as they are about the team and bouts the 580 Rollergirls are just as committed to the community. They're very active as a group and individually. Chances are you've seen them at most if not all of the various charity and local events around town, not to mention all the fundraising they do. "It's very important to us to get involved in the community, honestly that's one of the main reasons I joined the team. I'm into physical fitness that was another big part of it but mostly because I heard about all the great things that they do for the community." Said Fermented Fury.

Get your tickets now for the 580 Rollergirl's next bout 'Insano De Mayo' against the OKC Outlaws at the GPC (05-05-12) Tickets are just $10.00 in advance and are available at the Great Plains Coliseum box office, from any 580 Rollergirl, order online www.580rollergirls.com or hit them up on their official Facebook page. Tickets are $12.00 day of so get 'em early and save!

A big thanks to CC Roller and Fermented Fury for stopping by the studios and hanging out!