This is why other countries talent shows are so much better than ours! Sure we have our fair share of talent reality shows, but nothing quite like this! Meet Antton Puonti he's the winner of Finland's Got Talent for 2016. So what makes him so special or different? His talent of course! This guy can make fart noises with his hands, but not just fart noises, he can change the pitch and overall sound of them as well. Now that's impressive!

If this video doesn't get you in the holiday spirit nothing will. Watch as Antton uses his special gift as he cover's one of the most well known and beloved Christmas Classics John Lennon's "Happy Christmas (War is Over)" like no one before him! It's unique, festive and funny all at the same time. While it might be a little early to cash in on his success, I think he should do an entire Christmas album! I'd buy it, for sure!