So I'm just a little late to the party, as usual. I just found out about this game yesterday called "Goat Simulator" for P.C. and I have to get it! This game has it all from exciting interactive landscapes, stupidity, incredible stunts, hilarity, death, destruction and extremely unrealistic gratuitous violence!

I haven't even told you the absolute best part, you're playing as a goat! I mean who the hell hasn't thought about running around a virtual world as a goat virtually leaving a wake of utter destruction in your path? No one that's who. This game will unite all people and could very well be the answer to world peace!

If you're into the mindlessness of time wasting games this one's for you. I could easily spend hours and hours on this and never get tired of it. I'll be downloading this very soon and losing myself in a world gone mad and reeking sweet glorious havoc...As a goat! Check it out and best of luck getting the song out of your head!