Still plagued with some bugs, however the major roadblock that was not allowing players to get pass the first tutorial mission has finally been lifted and now many players are entering Los Santos to get in on all of the criminal opportunity there is to partake in.

I managed to break through on Day three of the online launch. Many players were still trying to get through that day and I just so happened to have gotten lucky and finally start the first mission which was a race against Lamar.

After crossing the finish line I began to fear another bug that stopped a few players in their tracks, not loading the next mission. This issue was not encountered often but I still feared for the worse after not being able to play for the first two days. Good news, the bug never showed and I was able to proceed to the next mission.

After a short while I cleared the tutorial and began that search for a personal vehicle. This vehicle would act as my home and base of operations until I could secure an apartment for my character and a garage to store my vehicle in.

After a few runs on 'Violent Duct' a mission where if you have the maximum four players required for the mission you can finish it in 3-5 minutes with a $9,000 payout you can easily build funds for weapons, ammo, body armor and even a decent apartment.

With my newly acquired funds, I bought a beat-up old apartment near the beach. Thinking I would get a nice ocean view, turned out I have no nice looking view. It's a small place, the rug was torn torn up and there was smoke all around the place. Needless to say this living area was not a great place to plan out any major heists or shenanigans my friends and I plan to pull off.

After a couple days into the apartment and many jobs later I moved out and settled into a very big apartment with a 10-car garage. Much better, this is a place where we can plan something crazy.

There are plenty of activities to do in Los Santos, from robbing liquor and convenience stores, stealing cars and selling them, doing missions, participating in races and deathmatches or just doing anything crazy scheme you can think the possibilities are endless.

You and your best pals can even indulge in non-legal activities such as tennis, golf, darts, parachuting, chilling out at your pad, and of course making it rain at the strip club.

If you thought the cops were brutal on single player, well, that hasn't changed online. They are just as, if not more, vicious and unforgiving. They still try to run you off the road and get ahead of you to block any kind of momentum to get away. With the added factor of other players that could either help you or hinder you it adds more to the strength of law enforcement to take you out from the streets of Los Santos by any means necessary.

Although be careful when driving near the other players police face-offs, you might just get thrown into the mix even if you are just passing through.

Matchmaking seems to be running into issues as well. When you join a match full of players it's fine, but when the players start dropping it is a little bit of an issue trying to get new players to fill the role. You either have to see if any players in your current session want to join or if any of your friends want to tag along. Finding random people from different sessions just ain't going to happen; at least not right away.

As mentioned earlier there are still major bugs preventing players from causing chaos and mayhem in Los Santos. The latest one going around is player characters being deleted. Quite a few players have already lost their characters. Some are grudgingly trudging on while others are protesting and not returning until Rockstar has all the issues resolved.

Nonetheless, Grand Theft Auto Online is a really fun experience where you and your friends will have countless hours of fun and debauchery. However, if you have yet to play the Online yet it might be a good idea to probably give it another week or two to have Rockstar squash anymore game-breaking glitches and bugs that may arise.