Jim Carrey has recently drawn fire, pun intended, for his 'Cold Dead Hand' parody song and video that has been making the web rounds lately. Most found out about it yesterday (03-25-13) It was a featured skit on the Funny or Die site. If you haven't seen it yet, you will.

The latest comedic adventure for Carrey, 'Lonesome Earl & the Clutterbusters' is a fictitious band that creates funny parodies, most are political in nature and considered social satire.

The song pokes fun at Mr. Charlton Heston and those famous 5 words heard from the N.R.A (National Rifle Association) podium "From My Cold Dead Hands".

It's certainly no secret that yours truly is a card carrying 'Life Member' of the N.R.A, an avid firearm enthusiast, 2nd Amendment supporter and defender. I've been involved with various shooting sports since I was a kid. Weekends were spent at the range and the weekdays reloading. Maybe that's why I have a hard time with this, admittedly I'm not the audience Carrey is trying to reach. Sure Jim Carrey is a funny guy, I like his movies and think he's an accomplished actor and comedian. However I can't help but think this has more to do with a message, than comedy.

Over the weekend Carrey hit Twitter with several messages about guns, the 2nd Amendment and his thoughts about all the recent gun control debates. Here's some of what he posted:


Maybe I'm taking this too personally, but in my opinion 'Cold Dead Hand' is more a message than a parody. Carrey and his fellow Hollywood elite continue to stereotype gun owners as a bunch of hillbilly, redneck, paranoid crazies on the fringe of society. According to them the only reason a person would want a gun is to compensate for their small sexual anatomy. Or at least that's what Carrey sings in the lyrics to 'Cold Dead Hand' here's just a sampling: "It takes a cold dead hand to decide to pull the trigger, takes a cold dead heart and as near as I can figure, with your cold dead aim you’re trying to prove your di** is bigger but we know, your chariot may not be swinging low."

The other thing that really pisses me off, putting it bluntly, is his mocking of Mr. Heston. We lost Chuck back in 2008 He was a true Patriot, a gentlemen and was without a doubt one of, if not the most influential persons to have never held a public office. The man forgot more about Civil Rights and what it means to be a statesman than Carrey will ever know in a lifetime. To this day I'm in awe of what Mr. Heston was able to accomplish! Watch the video:


I find it a bit hypocritical too that Carrey and his like have nothing but disdain for our 2nd Amendment rights while they enjoy armed security and protection. I guess our lives and the lives of our loved ones isn't as important as Hollywood actors and actresses, I disagree. Isn't it funny how these same people who preach about gun violence and the evils of firearm ownership make films and T.V. programs depicting gun violence and the use of firearms? I guess the only persons permitted to have opinions and the right to self defense are them.

I could go on and on. You know what I think, but I want to know what you think. Am I taking this too seriously, is this just a funny parody song and I'm reading too much into it. What are your thoughts? Take the poll and leave a comment.