The Road to Rocklahoma 2015 With Jim Glover Chevrolet [VIDEO]
This year's road to Rocklahoma was comfortable, stylish and completely awesome thanks to Jim Glover Chevrolet! About a month before the festival Kelso and I were talking about needing a bigger vehicle so we could take all our equipment and still have some leg room.
Hilariously Obscene Fake Chevy Truck Commercial [NSFW VIDEO]
Freaking hilarious! You have to see this parody commercial for the Chevy Silveraydo. Yes it's misspelled, it's suppose to be. The video was done by comedian Amiri King and featured on his official YouTube channel. His humor is vulgar, obscene and not for the faint of heart, politically correct or ea…
It’s One Fast Farm Truck! [VIDEO]
It's the king of the sleepers! Rule #1 in drag racing: Never judge a book by it's cover! An Oklahoma man transformed an old 1970's model Chevy pick up into a 128 Mph 10 second dragster, once you've seen it action you'll stop laughing! Most judge vehicles from the outside and…