U.S. Coast Guard Rescues Dog From Freezing Waters [VIDEO]
An amazing video of the U.S. Coast Guard rescuing a stranded dog from the freezing waters in Frankfort, MI. at the Betsie River channel. The Coast Guard does an incredible job of not only protecting our water ways and coasts, they're also deployed to help those at sea. Not just the 2 legged var…
Crying Rottweiler Grieves for His Dead Brother [VIDEO]
WARNING: This video will hit you right in the feels, hard! This poor rottweiler named Brutus woke to find his brother Hank had passed during the night. His sorrowful look, tears and refusal to leave his brother show just how deeply dogs love. It's hard to watch and to listen to the owner try an…
Dog Reacts to Owner Farting [VIDEO]
This dog's reaction to it's owner farting on him is classic! They were just sitting on the couch kicking back and relaxing, then the owner decides to let one loose. This poor little Chihuahua never had a chance!
Dog Rides the Bus to Park Without Owner [VIDEO]
Another amazing dog story. Meet Eclipse, a 2 year old female black Labrador Mastiff mix who's learned how to ride the bus all by herself to go to the dog park. She's a regular passenger on Seattle's public transit system.
Dog Goes Nuts Over the Ball Pit [VIDEO]
This dog LOVES the ball pit! Watch as this French bulldog loses his mind when he's cut loose to play. The dog kind of looks like Stitch from Disney's "Lilo & Stitch" but I guess all French bulldogs do, at least to me they do.
Cat Learns to Channel It’s Inner Dog [VIDEO]
You can learn a lot from a dog. No other animal works and plays as hard, or loves as completely as a dog. To dogs everything is amazing! From chasing balls, cars and fetching sticks it's all amazing. Dogs know how to live, they make the most out of everything!
What Were the Most Popular Puppy Names of 2014?
While "Awww" might be the perfect name for a puppy since that's the first word many people make when seeing one, it has yet to catch on. In fact, it seems like pet owners aren't changing at all when it comes to picking a name for their puppies.
Golden Retriever Fails Obedience Course in Epic Fashion [VIDEO]
If you're going to lose this has to be the most epic way to fail, but still be a winner! This golden retriever teaches us all an important lesson. First it's not if you win or loose, but how you play the game. Second never start a race on an empty stomach and third winning isn't every…

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