Minecraft- A Happy Halloween Happening [VIDEO]
Gamers on Minecraft recently competed to build something scary for Halloween. The results are amazing. To think all these digital displays were built one brick at a time, I can't imagine how long it took to complete some of these, they're truly EPIC!
Playing Minecraft Using Microsoft’s New Hololens! [VIDEO]
I can't wait for the new Microsoft Hololens! While at E3 2015 Microsoft did a demonstration that showcased the new technology by playing Minecraft using Holoens, the results were EPIC! The Hololens creates a virtual 3-D high definition hologram world that's fully functional. They're calling the expe…
Mojang Digs Up Details On New Minecraft Editions
Owners of other consoles have been eagerly waiting for a chance to dig, build, craft and fight in the game’s voxel-based worlds, and today Mojang revealed a slew of new details about all of the new versions of Minecraft coming to consoles soon.

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